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The more details you share about the project, the better our assessment will be.

    Fleet Management, Trucking TMS System, First and Last mile delivery, Post office software. Construction Management System, TAPP ME Solution for Construction, SAP Consulting services, SAP development and migration, Microsoft Dynamics D365 development and consulting services. Management CXO level consulting services. Custom software development for industrial clients: 
    JavaScript, Python, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, .NET, SQL, Assembly Language, PHP, R, Go, Classic Visual Basic, MATLAB, Swift, Delphi, Object Pascal, Ruby, Perl, Objective-C, Rust, Scratch, SAS, Kotlin, Julia, Lua, Fortran, COBOL, Lisp, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Bash, Powershell, Power BI, Transact SQL, Logo, mobile phone application development, website development, Flutter, Swift…

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    By combining the knowledge of educated experts, experience in IT branch and creativity of youth we make the best possible result.



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    We are here to meet your software needs. No matter if it is an adapted off-the-shelf product, or you require a custom software solution built from the ground up, we are the reliable partner to make it happen. The solution MITAWAY delivers software that fits your needs but also grows with you.


    We build and design professional websites for all purposes and give you the user experience you are looking for. It can be a complex company platform with a backend database, a representative marketing website or an e-commerce website. Our approach is proactive, modern, and flexible.


    No matter the industry you are in you can connect with customers in your own specific way. The power one app can have is incredible. You get to reach people, help them, and become recognizable and indispensable in their lives. We offer quality services within IOS, Android and HMS.


    Our long experience in IT can be of use to you in many ways. Do you need an extra hand or consulting regarding your ongoing projects? Are you trying to reduce the costs of employing an in-house team? We offer you a reliable and flexible service in several different fields of expertise.


    Creativity and innovation at your service. Think it, dream it and we make it. In a lack of ideas, we step in with thousands of our own. The right animation elevates your appearance and attracts more customers. In the sea of visual distractions, you need to stand out and with our help, you can.


    Finding the best solution for you or your company has always been the biggest challenge. MITAWAY is here to help you and suggest those that suit you best. Covering a wide range of industries, such as banking and finance, telecommunication, education, hospitals, retail, construction, logistics and supply chain, we can offer you a complete package with the best support and at the same time cost-effective. It is our goal and our pleasure to apply ready-made products with complete customization or make new and unique ones only for your company. We enjoy what we do and that is why we are the best.

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    Transparency and Control

    You remain involved during the whole development process. You can choose AGILE methodology, SCRUM framework or any other iterative work principle you prefer.


    Quality is ensured by carefully selected experts, smart management and gradual work.

    Trustworthy Partner

    Business needs to be nurtured. We treat our clients as partners and with respect.

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    The more details you share about the project, the better our assessment will be.