MITAWAY AB is a software development company located in Stockholm, Sweden. A result-oriented group of enthusiasts who create effective and tailored digital solutions by using innovative technologies and thinking out of the box.

Our team consists of well experienced and educated software engineers, creative web designers and developers, dedicated professionals, and top-class management. More than fifteen years of experience is behind us we are proud to say and now it is time for Nordic region as well. Our best is the least you are going to get in everything we do, no matter if it is a 5-page website, eye catching animation, an exclusive app or a complex software for an enterprise because we are professionals who love our job and enjoy creating.


Our mission is your satisfaction. The main idea is to grow together with our partners. The accomplishment of the companies to which we have contributed is our own.


The future is already here so let`s get in pace! Software development, web design and app development have become necessary tools in building a business. Whether you want to boost your existing operation, have better control over the workflow, upgrade your business, or have a fresh new idea we are the support you need to fulfil your goal! You can choose AGILE methodology or SCRUM framework or anything else you prefer. Learning new methodologies is implied to us.

Effective Strategy

Our main strategy is to work in such a way that every step is stable and in the right direction. This is achieved through transparency and trust in relationships with our partners, as well as through an iterative approach to work and ensuring that the smallest part of the whole project is equally important and equally solid. Then – success is guaranteed.


The client remains involved during the whole software development process. To rely on us as a flexible and dependable partner is what we strive for. Digital solutions that we deliver are meant to elevate your company to another level. To achieve this, we engage our coding and designing expertise but also put a lot of effort into communicating with you and really understanding the needs of your specific project.


MITAWAY AB believes in sustainable projects. We keep the whole picture in mind, without losing focus on what is truly important. Healthy environment in every possible sense is a requirement for us. Our idea of business is challenging ourselves as professionals, having satisfied clients and partners and staying true to the profession and success. That means that we treat people with respect and treasure the commitment. The work we do represents us but also the way we conduct the business. We take great pride in our ethics.

By combining the knowledge of educated experts, experience in IT branch and creativity of youth we make the best possible result.



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Transparency and Control

You remain involved during the whole development process. You can choose AGILE methodology, SCRUM framework or any other iterative work principle you prefer.


Quality is ensured by carefully selected experts, smart management and gradual work.

Trustworthy Partner

Business needs to be nurtured. We treat our clients as partners and with respect mutual goals.

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